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Commercial Ship Management
Doris Maritime Services (DMS) furnishes establishment and development of commercial projects for mediator, primary, auxiliary and third party owners of dry cargo ships. The exponential rise, profit-making and commercial advancements thus evolving owe mainly to our matured professional expertise and a long standing experience. Our proficient teams seek highly cost-effective opportunities, build up and further implement growth opportunities. In our pursuit of the gainful employments of the aforesaid ships to the entire satisfaction of the owners, we tend to incorporate and facilitate safe operation within and about the trading areas of their choosing. While working strictly abreast with specified contractual periods we undertake chartering and financial administrative management.

Ship Technical Management
Doris Maritime Services (DMS) effectively provides both partial and full ship managements to its clients for properly maintaining and safely operating their ships. Technical ship management includes the Registration of vessels, Class Maintenance, Services, Technical Repair & Maintenance, Dry Docking, Insurance & Claims and Crewing. Technical management service is undertaken by a dedicated technical department. The said department houses expert teams managing marine engineering, procurement processing, information technology, safety, quality and environmental protection, insurance and claims, as well as finance and corporate administration personnel.

Doris Maritime Services (DMS) provides feasible spectrum of financial load-sharing through offering an opportunity for ship owners leading to economies of scale. Proportionate saving in costs thus reflects in purchasing, supported by stronger and more diverse networks of suppliers and partners. This encourages greater efficiency and ultimately translates to lower operating costs for ship owners.

Ship Inspection & Marine Services
Doris Maritime Services (DMS) offers various categories of Marine Services by professional and highly experienced Master Mariners, Marine Engineers and linked Technocrats.

Our services include:

  • Inspections and Surveys to the recognized industry standards
  • S & P (Supervision)
  • Supervision of new buildings
  • Supervision of Dry-docking
  • Dry Dock Brokering { The Caribbean, Las Palmas, Turkey, West Africa }
  • Supervision of Repairs, Maintenance & Retrofitting
  • Above Water Repairs at Sea
  • In-water/Afloat Repairs Management { Brazil }
  • Hold-Cleaning at Sea
  • Management of floating structures
  • Back Office Support for banks, trading houses, hedge funds and insurers of ships
  • Operational and Technical Risk Assessments
  • Accident / Incident Investigation

Incorporating the finest business strategies and prodigious prolificness analogous to your passions propel DORIS towards serving you best.


Our mission is to inspire the shipping avenues by way of an unparalleled passion. It is our undertaking to gel Quality and Efficiency with the icing of Economy, while all enveloped in the most superlative Productivity. A shared commitment towards excellence is the theme of our Mission.


Our vision is to morph the shipping outlook from the mundane run-off -the- mill facility to a state of the art terminus to terminus management. It is our vision to address and serve the allied avenues to each and every venture outstandingly. To contrive unsurpassed shipping services is the spirit of our Vision.

Innovatory avenues towards positivity





  • Project management and on-site building supervision of two new building multi-purpose vessels in a Chinese shipyard, including commissioning, sea trials and delivery.

  • The modification of an 8000T DWT multi-purpose vessel ensuing in to reinforcements in assortment, strengthened hatch covers, installation of a bow thruster and improvisation of accommodation spaces in a Chinese yard.

  • The upgrade, commissioning and placing into service to IMO and USCG standards the ballast water treatment systems in four bulk carriers. This project was completed with the vessels in service and without any down-time due to the BWTS work.

  • The complete re-tubing of the exhaust gas boiler on a handy-sized bulk carrier at a Singapore shipyard.

  • Removal of the rudder and of the steering gear machinery to facilitate correct access and to conduct comprehensive repairs of the rudder stock subsequent to grounding damage involving a PANAMAX bulk carrier.

  • Project management and on-site supervision of four 64000T DWT building bulk carriers in a Shanghai shipyard, including commissioning, sea trials and delivery.

  • The safe transport from South Africa and later revamping in South Korea of four electro-hydraulic 30T SWL cargo cranes. Two of these cranes were fitted with the new jibs and after refurbishment all four cranes were sold to a Far Eastern operator.

  • The re-commissioning and placing into service of the cement handling and bagging plants of a 30000T DWT self-propelled cement factory ship in the war-torn Tripoli.

  • Management and safe operation of a 30000T DWT cement factory ship. Vessel stayed in Tripoli for 2 years in a fullest operational status while under excellent administrative and commercial managements.

  • The re-positioning and re-commissioning of the cement and bagging plants of a 26500T DWT cement factory barge.

  • The re-activation, re-flagging, re-commissioning and placing back into service of a 45000T DWT container vessel following a two year lay-up period in Davao, Philippines.

  • Removal and conclusive repair of the CPP in Setubal Assembly a container vessel closely following its takeover by the management.

  • Start up and Operation of a successful feeder liner service The Netherlands, The UK and Portugal. The liner service was later purchased by one of the then biggest container operators.

  • Successful recovery of the leased containers for various operators.


Full Technical and Commercial Management

No Vessel Name Vessel Type Deadweight
1 AMALIA DEL BENE Bulk Carrier 64255
2 ELLA CLAIRE Bulk Carrier 64255
3 CARRYLOG Bulk/Log Carrier 50300
4 AFRICA Self Loading Cement Storage/Bagging Barge 26492
5 FEEDER 1 Container 3455
6 FEEDER 2 Container 3455
7 FEEDER 3 Container 4625
8 FEEDER 4 Container 4625
9 FEEDER 5 Container 5939
10 FEEDER 6 Container 6583
11 EUROPOWER Container 5334
12 KARIN Container 25656
13 OTTO Container 26027
14 ITALIA Container 47230
15 CANOPUS Container 9238
16 X-PRESS ALEXANDER Container / Ro-Lo 9002
17 X-PRESS CHRISTOPHER Container / Ro-Lo 8979
18 AUSTRALIAN ENTERPRISE Container / Ro-Ro 18590
19 CARRYBULK Geared Bulk Carries 10401
20 ANTONIA Geared Bulk Carries 34655
21 TENACITY * Geared Bulk Carries 30060
22 PERSEVERANCE * Geared Bulk Carries 30060
23 NAESS RESOLUTE * Geared Bulk Carries 56815
24 NAEES ABSOLUTE * Geared Bulk Carries 63654
25 NAESS COURAGEOUS * Geared Bulk Carries 63654
26 NAESS ENDURANCE * Geared Bulk Carries 63638
27 NAESS INTREPID * Geared Bulk Carries 63685
28 TABARK Geared Bulk Carries 28668
29 MARFRET PROVENCE Geared Container 30725
30 MERIEKE Geared Container 6850
31 CAPE YORK Geared Container 22350
32 BERANE Geared General Cargo 18100
33 OBOD Geared General Cargo 18235
34 GRANAT Geared General Cargo 4336
35 AMARYLLIS Multi Purpose 7467
36 BEGONIA Multi Purpose 12119
37 CORREGIDORA Self Loading Cement Storage / Bagging Vessel 47230

* - Vessels managed jointly with Naess Ship Management BV

Crew Management jointly with Seaquest

No Vessel Name Vessel Type Deadweight
1 MV SIDER MYONOS Geared Bulk Carrier 30060
2 MV STAR HARMONY Bulk Carrier 52980
3 MT MATRIX PRIDE Chemical Oil Products Tanker 40113
4 MT QASWA Chemical Oil Products Tanker 9057
5 MT SEA ADORE Chemical Oil Products Tanker 47803
6 MT SEA HEART Chemical/Oil Products Tanker 37164
7 MT KAKI STAR Chemical/Oil Products Tanker 46724
8 MT DURBANSEA Chemical/Oil Products Tanker 73072
9 MV KABUL Container 16803
10 MT MATRIX ASA Crude Oil Tanker 46217
11 MT RHEA Crude Oil Tanker 105579
12 MT ELSA Crude Oil Tanker 58088
13 MTGORI Crude Oil Tanker 57148
14 MT VERGIOS Crude Oil Tanker 57925
15 MT IRIS Crude Oil Tanker 47038
16 MT THURAYA Crude Oil Tanker 46724
17 MT BAXTER Oil Product Tanker 46866

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