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Capt. Parvez Raza Chan

Managing Director - Doris Martime Services

A Naval Academy Graduate, Capt. Parvez Raza Chan is the Managing Director of Doris Maritime Services. Being an authentic multi-tasker, Capt. Chan’s maritime trek includes a comprehensive IMO approved shipboard administrative management duly fulfilling the applied Commercial, Safety, Security, Environment and Social obligations.

Capt. Chan has always been able to develop a work culture of mutual trust, assertive but not micromanaging. Subsequent to the commencement of his seafaring career in Gulf East Ship Management of Hong Kong, he competently grew and matured with Doris Maritime Services. Capt. Chan’s aptitude, zeal and intuition advanced him from a deck officer’s capacity through a prudent command as Master to the cadre of shore office bearers in a remarkable trajectory to his present office.

He has over the years successfully imparted towards dynamic transformation of the maritime world from a drab orthodox drapery to a highly skilled competence-based outfit.

Capt. Chan bears ample experience in positively managing the cost, operations and resources in entirety. Capt. Chan is an effective team builder with a staunch expertise in management, tactical development and execution.

James H. Rand

Advisory Consultant - Doris Martime Services

James H. Rand as the Non Executive Director of DMS has been committed to excellence for over four decades of pronounced experience in ocean shipping. Having acquired key posts, Mr. Rand’s effective strategy and implementations delivered remarkably.

As Deck Officer in the US Navy at the kick-off, the progression ladder elevated Mr. Rand to an MBA from Columbia University in finance. Mr. Rand served as Vice President of Universal Gas and Oil Company, Inc. In his ensuing professional trajectory, Mr. Rand proficiently held a variety of positions with Burmah Oil Tankers Limited.

Mr. Rand’s extraordinary executions as the President and COO of Marine Transport Lines, the then the oldest and one of the largest US bulk shipping companies, later Chairman & CEO for the most part of a decade, included his competent drive that led him to take MTL to public within five years in the office. It was Mr. Rand’s skilled tenure at MTL that refurbished the company towards a gross fleet renewal and appropriation program. The outstanding flight thus culminated in 1983 with the acquisition of Rowbotham Tankships Limited, currently a part of James Fisher Plc.

Mr. Rand has been the Chairman of the Olso-based Independent Tanker Owners Association (Intertanko) for over three years. Mr. Rand’s exceptional track-record encompasses his membership of the Committee (analogous to the Board of Directors) of the London Steam-Ship Owners’ Mutual Insurance Association (the “London P&I Club”), Board of The TOVOLOP, Board of Directors of the ABS and till date an honorary member of the Executive Committee of Intertanko and ABS.

As President of Rand & Company, Inc., since 1986, apart from the broadly branched out set of maritime activities, Mr. Rand administrated the accession of a portion of the product tanker fleet of Nedlloyd jointly with Thome Ship management of Singapore and a variety of feeder container and dry bulk investments jointly with Doris Maritime Services of Geneva.

Capt. Butt Fazal R. Qasim

Associated with Doris Martime Services Since 2016

Capt. Butt Fazal R. Qasim commenced his sea career with the National Shipping Corporation back in 1975. He has been a Master Mariner since 1989 and in the wake captained various categories of merchant vessels. After graduating the UNCTAD course on the GC Ops Management and Port Performance in 1993, he went on to acquire his Master’s degree of Business Administration with a distinction in Maritime Transport Management, specializing in Project and Operations Management. Captain Butt also attained the Government of Pakistan Freight Forwarding Management certification basis the Pakistan Customs officiated proficiency examination.

Capt. Butt served as Manager Ops with Cosmic Transportation & Chartering Network Pvt Ltd and was later assigned task of administrative management conducting effective marketing of leading Shipping Lines under Forbes. In 2005, Capt. Butt founded & developed CCC and CCC Container Terminals & Transport Management, imparting quality services to prominent Shipping Lines and NVOCCs, of which he is currently the Patron.

Capt. Butt has been delivering lectures at the CTCN and College of Nautical Studies. He was also nominated as the Distinguished Professor for the Guangzhou Maritime University. Capt. Butt has also been orating Maritime & Community related issues on voluntary basis at Guangzhou.

He has been associated with Doris Martime Services since 2016.

Roberta Della Bianca

Joined Doris Martime Services in 1995

Roberta Della Bianca joined Doris Maritime in 1995 and was thenceforth assigned the Accounts Portfolio. Well armed with staunch business acumen and accounting proficiencies, Ms. Roberta excels in optimal capital management.

Ms. Roberta’s professional track record and cross-functional approach exposed her to every conceivable aspect of finance and accounting. Having acquired vast experience in an import and export environment, Ms. Roberta is well-versed in dealing with and maintaining accounts in different currencies.

Ms. Roberta is competently familiar with international trade and finance procedures. While consistently serving as an organizational resource, Ms. Roberta and her team provide financial information to management in addition to auditing, fiscal procedures and the skillful handling of everyday accounting matters

Capt. Syed Afaq Ali Shah Banoori

Doris Martime Services

Capt. Syed Afaq Ali Shah Banoori,is a highly proficient tanker-man ever since he stepped aboard his very first tanker and grew along. His 30 year career on tankers exposed him to every subtle detail of tanker trade and statutory practices with multi-national crews. Capt. Banoori’s professional track record as Master encompassed his successful transition through all categories of tankers including VLCCs to ULCCs on a worldwide trading area.

Being a Superintendent and thereafter Fleet Ops Manager of over 25 tanker vessels, with a well reputed and prestigious Ship Owner, Capt. Banoori holds a vastly remarkable experience of dealing with the intricate situations, tanker shipboard management and the interrelated facets. His extensive spectrum of professional acumen includes dry docking, new deliveries, financial disputes and claims, assessing damages and the linked surveys. His sphere included SIRE Program related overviews, Quay Apron and Berth Safety Audit, Training of Mooring Gangs and the Loading Master, Root Cause Analysis, TMSA follow-up, Audits (ISM/ISO Internal & External) and the Third Party Inspections. Capt. Banoori holds the expertise of conducting the grading by way of vetting inspections of tankers prior to taking up the load or discharge operation at a multinational oil terminal.

Vincent J. Muscat

Technical Manager - Doris Martime Services Since 2006

Vincent J. Muscat based in Malta is the Company’s Technical Manager. Following several years of sea service, Mr. Vincent expanded his experience and knowledge base during his employment with container shipping line NORASIA and ship management companies GANYMED and Maritime Services International. He joined DMS in 2006 as Technical Superintendent. Mr. Vincent is a full member of the Institute of Marine Surveyors and an Associate Member of the Institute of Marine Engineers. Mr. Vincent is also a Malta government approved yacht and small craft valuer and is certified as a Government of Malta approved surveyor of ships. Throughout his years of involvement in the industry, Mr. Vincent completed training programs and courses in technical management, ISM auditing and leadership skills.

Mr. Vincent’s corporate and administrative skills led him to key posts including but not limited to project and technical managements of various categories of vessels including multi-purpose vessels, bulk carriers, container ships and a cement factory ship.

Mr. Vincent has competently headed teams of professionals overseeing the entire phases of construction and commissioning of multi-purpose vessels and bulk carriers in Chinese yards.

With an extensive background in ship management spanning over two decades in the operation, construction, administrative and the technical management of ships, Mr. Vincent is well qualified for his current role.

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