Doris set sails and took to venturing out with her Shipping and Trading compass with effect from 1983. Her upward trajectory includes the purchase of Naess Ship Management in 2004 and its successful sale to one of the top 3rd Party shipping managements in 2018. A very well cultivated, Doris Maritime Services, SA, a forward-looking company, is now a matured and a seasoned maritime player with highly respected stakes and again venturing to the future.

Over the years, Doris embraced every conceivable aspect of lawful shipping. Under the very sharp monitor of topnotch professionals, a broad spectrum thus attained housed Trading, Ship Owning, Technical Ship Management, Ship Crewing, New Buildings, Ship Operating, Chartering and Management of Cargo Operations. As time went on and with the years, Doris has been privileged with and treasures her commercial association with some of the most reputed and major Chartering Companies and Trade Houses, such as Bunge, ADM, Noble, MSC, CMA-CGM amongst others.

Having been outstandingly linked with some of the most distinctive commercial and pecuniary enterprises, Doris prides in nurturing her bonds with noteworthy financial institutes, such as Merced Capitals, Cypress Leasing, Medley Capitals, Deutsche Bank, Robobank, to name a few.

From Ship Brokering to a comprehensive terminus to terminus Shipping Management, Doris takes delight in quality performance in utmost zeal and devotion.

Fair practices of such degree have earned an Environment – Eco Friendly Doris a well thought of name in the related maritime community in its entirety.

Doris upholds a systematic pattern of continuous updating in order to strictly stay abreast with the prevailing applicable provisions of the maritime transport management laws and local procedures. The phenomenal proficiency towards excellent policy making, market assessment, innovation and an all-around visual scan has caused Doris to preserve her as a deep and firmly rooted tree with twigs branching out to numerous avenues of the worldwide Shipping Management.


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According to Greek mythology, Doris was one of the goddesses of the sea. According to this mythology, Doris was the consort of Nereus and the mother of his daughters, the Nereids or seanymphs who numbered fifty.


Doris Maritime Services SA ( Doris ) is a Geneva (Switzerland) based company specializing in the management of ocean-going vessels, in particular, Container Ships, Bulk Carriers, General Cargo Ships, Log Carriers, Afloat Cement Storage and Ship/Quay Bagging Facilities, Oil Tankers and Chemical Tankers. Doris has, over the years, acquired an in-depth knowledge of the bulk ship management and container shipping sector through operating a subsidiary container line and container terminal operations.

Doris was established in 1983 by Mr. Nicolas Wirth who headed a team of maritime professionals holding tremendous expertise in both technical and commercial management of ships, S&P, chartering and other financial and operational aspects of ship management and ownership.

With visions of expansions, Capt. Parvez Raza Chan the current Managing Director, who has proficiently matured with Doris in his successful progression to the present office, likewise heads highly qualified, dedicated and experienced professionals engaged in the Technical, Commercial and Financial management of ships that have been entrusted to Doris .

With an excellent track record, a broad experience in the field of ship management and ship’s operations from 1983 onwards, with an excellent staff, good and faithful crews together with contact to the market and the users, Doris is well suited to manage your ships, taking advantage of the experience, and the close contacts in the trade. Doris is well equipped and duly capable to offer customised services to its clients, suiting Clients requirements and expectations. It is our earnest aim to nurture the shipping spirit.

The Greek goddess Doris brought in the world her daughter Gelene (Calm Seas), the signature services offered by Doris likewise promise to help impart serenity to the troubled waters of the present day shipping.

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